Zhengzhou Taida Gives You Full Support for Getting Greater Output Capacity by Good Rotary Kiln


You may ask that why I cannot get high output capacity with the same rotary kiln equipment. After inquiring professional engineers in Zhengzhou Taida Group, I realized that if you want to achieve higher output capacity, you have to apply correct and proper operation. With the combination of good operation and superior rotary kiln equipment, it will not be difficult to get great output capacity. Here are some tips for you to learn:

  1. Correct ignition operation
    Add coal slowly and gradually. Start the high-temperature fan according to real situation. When the temperature reaches to 900 degree, start the main driving kiln. If you use diesel to ignite, turn down the valve properly. After materials reach to firing zone, stop providing oil. When to add materials is decided by the temperature at kiln end and outlet of preheater.

  1. good operation on coating the rotary kiln
    After changing bricks in the rotary kiln, carry out drying the kiln (bear in mind that do not heat up too fast). According to our experience, it is better to just choose raw powder produced as kiln coat in the normal production process. In the calcining process, kiln coating is a kind of dynamic balance. Even if a minority of kiln coating collapse, it is easy to repair. Please bear in mind that there cannot be raw material running and under burnt phenomenon.

  1. Have good command of unstable material feeding
    In daily production process, material feeding is not stable. But the volatility is not severe. When there is problem out of the equipment or the moisture content is not easy to control, raw materials are inclined to cake at top of storehouse, which will lead to unstable feeding. Under such circumstance, operator should observe and adjust often. Operator should decide the amount of materials according to current variation in order to reduce the damage to equipment.

    The three points mentioned above are very easy to be ignored in the operation process. If you are customers who are worrying about output capacity, just pay more attention to detailed operation skills. as professional industrial kiln furnace manufacturer in China, we can help you solve any questions relevant to rotary kiln. Then, you will get higher output capacity with lower energy consumption. If you are interested in our rotary kiln equipment or you want to discuss problems concerned with rotary kiln, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to



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