Conditions Which can Guarantee the Complete Combustion of Fuel in Rotary Kiln

Many customers are bothered by the complete combustion problem of rotary kiln. As a famous industrial kiln furnace manufacturer in china, professional engineers from Zhengzhou Taida Group can give you several methods to solve the issue. There are some tips to promote complete combustion for your reference. 

industiral kiln furnace
1.    Keep a correct proportion between fuel amount and air volume. Oxygen needed for combustion is from air. The air amount needed for fuel which holds different thermal value can be decided according to calculation of material balance. For different fuels, operator should try to reduce the amount of excess air.
2.    Guarantee the full mixing of oxidizing air and fuel. Combustion and reaction process must be achieved only while oxygen in air contacts fully with combustible materials and ignition temperature condition is reached. Or fire flame will become very long and even fuel cannot combust timely in the furnace chamber, which will be not beneficial to heat exchange and full use of thermal energy.
Heat process requirements are different for different kiln structure. Only by choosing proper combustion device and reasonably organizing combustion process, the heat exchange of furnace chamber can be improved and the flame will be with thermal energy which will be transferred to heated materials in furnace. 
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