Clean and Maintenance of Cement Rotary Kiln Coating

  How to carry out cleaning and maintenance of rotary kiln coating? You may ask what the kiln coating refers to. Are there any specific methods to clean and inspect the kiln coating? Here, professional engineers from Zhengzhou Taida group will give your brief introduction.
  The temperature in rotary kiln is always kept at over 1450 degrees which steel plate of rotary kiln’s cylinder cannot afford. In order to protect rotary kiln’s cylinder, we will build a layer of refractory bricks. But, the thickness and refractoriness is limited. Therefore, the refractory bricks cannot stand high temperature and corrosion of chemical reaction from raw materials. In order to extend service life of refractory bricks, people always set a layer of clinker as protection layer which is called kiln coating. Kiln coating can be used to reduce heat dissipation of rotary kiln cylinder and improve thermal efficiency. You may ask how to stick kiln coating to refractory bricks? As we all know, raw materials move from cold end to hot end. When raw materials enter burning zone, liquid phase will appear. Liquid phase amount will increase along with the increasing of temperature. The liquid phase of materials is characterized by glueyness which will reduce with the rising of temperature. Therefore, when the burning fire is big, kiln coating will not stick to refractory bricks. When refractory bricks will not make liquid phase in overheated state, the stickiness of raw materials will be maximum. While refractory bricks are put under raw materials, they mill stick to each other. Accordingly, kiln coating will be formed gradually.
cement rotary kiln coating
 With the development of cement production, large-scale cement production line has played a very essential role in domestic cement industry. The blockage of preheater causes threaten to many cement production enterprises. In previous experience, some enterprises prefer to choose detonator blasting technology which leads to great loss. Therefore, operators must carry out cleaning and maintenance under certain cleaning rules.
cement rotary kiln coating
 Under this circumstance, cleaning device of rotary kiln coating appears on stage. The most commonly used device is high-pressure water gun which is widely used in many application fields, such as hotel, metallurgy, motorbike and other manufacturing industries.High-pressure water gun can effectively solve kiln coating problem. High-pressure water jet can split the cakes. There will no uneven materials layer appearing. Thus, the thermal efficiency is got improved. If you have any other problems about rotary kiln coating, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to
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