Bentonite rotary Dryer


Bentonite dryer or kaolin dryer is generally applied to drying granular materials, also available for drying adhesive materials, pasty materials, or materials with high moisture content.

Application Range:Industries of mining, ore beneficiation, construction materials and chemical engineering.
Applicable Materials:Slime, raw coal, flotation clean coal, mixing clean coal, slag, clay, bentonite, limestone, sand, quartz stone, metal concentrate, waste residue and tailings.
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Simple structure, reliable operation 

with simple structure and reliable operation, with wide application range 

Enviornment friendly; no pollution emission 

Flue gas produced by heat exchanger can be recycled as heating source.

With high automation level 

Whole calcining process is controlled by advanced control system. 

Compact structure, high cooling effciency

With reasonable structure, it can be used to cool various materials.

1. Bentonite dryer has large capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost. 

2. Bentonite dryer has the characteristic of high temperature resistant, so it can dry material by using hot air with high temperature.

3. High scalability, the design considers the production margin, so modest increasing in output is OK without changing equipment.

4. The kaolin drying machine adopts the structure of spherical tug, and the tug and roll ring fits well, significantly reducing wear and tear and power consumption.

5. Specifically designed retaining structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust due to tilt running of the device; Strong resistance to overload, and the cylinder of the kaolin dryer is with stable operation and high reliability.

Working Principle

Technical Parameters

Model(mm) Inclination (%) Rotary speed(r/min) Max inlet temperature (℃) Power (KW) Capacity (t/h)
TDMGT600 3—5 3—8 ≤850 3 Capacity will be differetn for different materials. 
TDMGT800 3—5 3—8 ≤850 4
TDMGT1000 3—5 3—8 ≤850 5.5
TDMGT1200 3—5 3—8 ≤850 11
TDMGT1500 3—5 3—8 ≤850 15
TDMGT1800 3—5 3—8 ≤850 18.5
TDMGT2000 3—5 3—8 ≤850 22
TDMGT2200 3—5 3—8 ≤850 30
TDMGT2400 3—5 3—5 ≤850 37
TDMGT2600 3—5 3—5 ≤850 40
TDMGT2800 3—5 3—5 ≤850 55
TDMGT3000 3—5 3—5 ≤850 75
TDMGT3200 3—5 3—5 ≤850 90
TDMGT3400 3—5 3—5 ≤850 110
TDMGT3600 3—5 3—5 ≤850 150
TDMGT4000 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 190
TDMGT4200 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 200
TDMGT4500 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 260

Applicable Materials

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Core Equipment