Useful Methods to Improve Production Capacity of Ceramic Sand Rotary Kiln

  In ceramic sand production line, ceramic sand rotary kiln is a very common calcining equipment. Through preheating, decomposing, calcining, circulating, cooling and other processes, customers can fulfill the production aim of ceramic sand. In the ceramic sand production line, preheating work and temperature keeping work will directly affect the working efficiency and thermal consumption of ceramic sand production line. Therefore, you may ask how to improve the calcining capacity of ceramic sand rotary kiln?

ceramic sand rotary kiln dryer
1、Preheating work can greatly improve the calcining ability in ceramic sand production line and save a great amount of thermal consumption. In order to further improve preheating efficiency of preheater in ceramic sand production line, operator can set one proper temperature field at the bottom of cylinder before raw materials entering rotary kiln equipment. In this way, both preheating effect and working efficiency can be improved.
2、If there is no homogenizing measures for raw materials in ceramic sand production line, kiln ash always enter the internal part of rotary kiln, which will cause fluctuation for the raw material content and bring about much difficulty for operation process. Accordingly, the production capacity of ceramic sand production line will be influenced. Therefore, customers always request industrial kiln furnace manufacturer to guarantee the smooth work of ceramic sand calcining production and the uniformity of raw materials,
3、Generally speaking, there is always secondary fire in the ceramic sand production line. At this time, many parameters will change, such as temperature, pressure, feeding amount and kiln speed. In order to make sure the smooth production process of ceramic sand production, customers should ask operators have a good command of ceramic sand production line.
In addition, operators should make good preparation for thermal regulation in ceramic sand production line. Make sure that the heat into kiln should be enough. In order to guarantee the calcining speed and quality, keep high temperature in the rotary kiln.  
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