What Makes Taida Lime Rotary Kiln Special in Rotary Kiln Industry

  Lime rotary kiln is a kind of advanced rotary drum kiln. Meanwhile, lime rotary kiln is also a kind of equipment applied in calcining process. The reason why Taida lime rotary kiln holds so great performance produce high profits is advanced and reliable technology. You may ask what the specialties of Taida lime rotary kiln are. Great performance sources from proper control of raw material calcining, seal mode and temperature.
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  Vertical preheater of lime rotary kiln can effectively improve preheating effect. After preheating, the decomposition rate of limestone can reach to 20% to 25%. What’s more, it can utilize fine limestone which 10 to 15mm particle size. In terms of seal, Taida lime rotary kiln adopts advanced scale sealing method which makes air leakage factor low and reduce thermal radiation loss. Cubic vertical preheater can control the temperature of lime out from cooler as 800C+, which brings convenience to transportation and storage. Secondary air which enters lime rotary kiln can be preheated to over 700 degrees, which reduces the consumption of moving parts and special materials.
  These special characteristics of lime rotary kiln brings energy-saving, environmental-friendly and efficient lime rotary kiln which can brings about considerable profits to investors. Also, superior lime rotary kiln can bring a great amount of good-quality limestone to building industry.
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