How to Control the Calcininig Process Properly


  Rotary kiln is a professional metal magnesium calcined magnesium metal products, metal magnesium, heavy magnesia and light magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide production technology of a lot of kinds, the heavy light burned magnesia and dead burned magnesia, magnesium in Taida rotary kiln, the kiln temperature control system, can control the kiln temperature, at any time through the kiln temperature to control the activity and content of magnesium oxide, the maximum improve the quality of magnesium oxide semi-finished products. The sintering level of the metal magnesium products is good, and the crystal density is the excellent raw material for the medium-grade magnesia refractory finished products.

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  Magnetite is one of the main raw materials of refractories. It is used to make various kinds of magnesia brick, magnesium-alumina brick, ramming material, filling material, etc., which contains more impurities, and is used for laying the bottom of steel furnace. A calcining or two-step calcining process is used in the high temperature facilities such as rotary kiln of vertical kiln, and the magnetite is made from natural magnetite as raw material. It is known as the extraction of magnesium oxide from seawater by the melting of magnetite and other materials as raw materials after melting of the molten form. The rotary kiln of rotary kiln rotary kiln with rotary kiln and other high temperature facilities. Manufacturer of rotary kiln equipment case, but as manufacturers have established mature calcination technology, Zhengzhou Taida professional engineers can not only for you to make professional rotary kiln equipment, at the same time, Zhengzhou Taida energy-saving rotary kiln can solve the problem of scarcity of energy consumption for you. Zhengzhou Taida Provides Customers with Latest Rotary Kiln Technology with Innovative Attitude. 

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