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Air-swept Calciner

Air-swept Calciner


Zhengzhou Taida new type air-swept calcining kiln makes up for the technology gap on drying mill. This kind of dryer can not only be used to deal with materials with 95% moisture, but also can be used to calcine materials with very low moisture content. 

Application Range:chemical industry, medicine industry, construction indusry and etc.

Applicable Materials:sludge, gypsum, ore slurry, bentonite,peat and rare earth


Reasonble design and wide application range 

With reasonbel design, TDOSC calciner can calcine various materials. 

Good calcining effect

By adotping advanced technology, calcining machine holds better calcining effect.

High automatic level 

The whole gypsum production line holds advantages of high level automation.

Flexible heat source option 

External heating system can apply coal, wood or electricity as fuel; 

1.This series of calcining machine holds flexible adaptability. It can be used to deal with materials which are difficult to treat.
2.The whole calcining kiln system can be controlled easily. It can adopts various fuels such as oil and natural gas. Combustion speed in the process is controlled by temperature instrument in discharging pipe.
3.By adopting advanced technology in international community, this machine holds better calcining effect.
4.There is a wide range of materials which can be treated by this series of drying machine, low-solid content and high-solid content, almost any kinds of materials.
5.Materials' routine in machine can be controlled easily. According to real situation, you can choose fine powder or granular shape for final products. 
6. Air-swept calcining kiln have pretty good calcining effect on various gypsum materials, such as natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, phospho gypsum and etc. final products hold very wide application range. 

Working Principle

Air-swept gypsum calcining kiln/furnace

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Technical Parameters

 Item TDOSC310 TDOSC510 TDOSC1010 TDOSC2010 TDOSC3010 TDOSC4010 TDOSC5010
Heat input (10,000kCal/h) 10 15 30 65 130 180 250
Hot air quantity (m3/h) 2500 3720 7500 16000 32000 45000 70000
Output capacity (t/h) 0.5-1.5 0.8-2.0 0.8-2.5 1.0-3.5 1.8-5 2-6 3.3-8.8
Motor power (kW) 7.5 11 30 55 75 110 160
Length (mm) 3800 4080 5200 5500 6500 10500 12000
Width (mm) 1200 1500 2200 2900 3200 3800 4580
Height (mm) 835 1000 1390 1800 2200 2680 3320

Core Equipment

Applicable Materials