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Chain Hot Air Furnace

Chain Hot Air Furnace


Advantages: safe, durable, less resistance, stable structure, good performance and low manufacturing cost; less malfunction;
Types: chain belt type, trabeated type, scale type, tilting type and Ping-Pong type;

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Working principle:

    The shape of automatic grate furnace is similar to belt conveyor. Coals will be sent to coal hopper by coal feeder. Then, the coal will fall down on fire grate relying on its own weight. Coal will move slowly along with fire grate. The height of coal gate can be adjusted for controlling the thickness of coal layer. Air will be sent in from the bottom of fire grate and intersect with the moving direction of coal layer. Coal will be heated by radiation. Preheating, drying and combustion will be carried out step by step until fire stops. Ash slag move to the rear part along with fire grates and falls into ash slag bin through slag stopper for being eliminated by scraper.
    There are many kinds of chain grate furnace. According to different structures, chain grate furnace can be divided into chain belt type, trabeated type, scale type, tilting type and Ping-Pong type. Among them, owing to the superiority, long service span and high mechanism, chain grate furnace and trabeated style furnace are widely applied to drying field of coal slurry and coal. Great drying effect has been achieved. 

Advantages of chain grate furnace: 

1. High heat transfer efficiency with an overall efficiency of no less than 75%;

2. Highly mechanized, stable running, and convenient operation;

3. Adaptable for various coals with heat generation value of no less than 4,500Kcal/kg;

4. Adaptable to different kinds of dryers, such as cross flow grain dryer, concurrent, and counter-current flow grain dryer, mixed-flow grain dryer, rotary dryer, fluidized bed dryer, and more;

5. Low initial and operating cost, Long service lifespan: ≥10 years;

6. Widely used in drying of cereal grains, foodstuffs, feedstuffs, chemicals, building materials, minerals, and more; 

Working Principle

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