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Coal Slime Rotary Dryer

Coal Slime Rotary Dryer


Coal slime dryer is specially designed for high humidity and high adhesive materials. Wet slime are sent into scattered equipment via ribbon conveyor, The massive coal slime after scattering are sent into drying chamber dryer of negative pressure to be dried.

Application Range:construction material,chemical industry, casting indusry, mining and metallurgy industries.

Applicable Materials: slime, raw coal, peat, flotation concentrate, mixed coal, tailings and other materials in coal industry.


1. Coal slime dryer or sludge dryer has strong anti-overload capability, low fuel consumption and low drying costs. 

2. The new feeding and discharging devices can prevent phenomenon of clogging of the feed drum dryer, discontinuous and uneven feeding and return products, alleviating the load of the exhaust system.

3. Adopt parallel flow drying, raising thermal efficiency.

4. Particle size and moisture of materials are convertible for various requirements of customers. The water content of the finished products reaches as low as 8% and the particle sizes are controlled under 8mm.

5. The use of adjustable center bracket wheel greatly reduces wear and energy loss.

6. Coal slime dryer or sludge dryer achieves a “zero thrust” which greatly reduces the wear of roller block, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of cylinder.

Working Principle

coal slime drying machine working principle

Firstly wet slime is sent into the scattering equipment via ribbon conveyor. Then the massive coal slime after being scattered is sent into the drying chamber which is under negative pressure. Afterwards, the materials go through the material guide, cleaning, low-temperature drying and discharge zones. The exhaust gas is drained after removing the dust. Finally, the finished products are transported into the warehouse.

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Technical Parameters

Model(mm) Inclination (%) Rotary speed(r/min) Max inlet temperature (℃) Power (KW) Capacity (t/h)
TDMGT600 3—5 3—8 ≤850 3 Capacity will be differetn for different materials. 
TDMGT800 3—5 3—8 ≤850 4
TDMGT1000 3—5 3—8 ≤850 5.5
TDMGT1200 3—5 3—8 ≤850 11
TDMGT1500 3—5 3—8 ≤850 15
TDMGT1800 3—5 3—8 ≤850 18.5
TDMGT2000 3—5 3—8 ≤850 22
TDMGT2200 3—5 3—8 ≤850 30
TDMGT2400 3—5 3—5 ≤850 37
TDMGT2600 3—5 3—5 ≤850 40
TDMGT2800 3—5 3—5 ≤850 55
TDMGT3000 3—5 3—5 ≤850 75
TDMGT3200 3—5 3—5 ≤850 90
TDMGT3400 3—5 3—5 ≤850 110
TDMGT3600 3—5 3—5 ≤850 150
TDMGT4000 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 190
TDMGT4200 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 200
TDMGT4500 3—5 1.5—5 ≤850 260

Core Equipment

Applicable Materials

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