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Batch Gypsum Kiln

Batch Gypsum Kiln


Intermittent indirect heating gypsum rotary kiln is a batch type gypsum calcining machine which adopts superior heat-resistant plate which makes equiment longer service life and efficient production capacity. 

Application Range:widely applied to construction project, pharmacological treatment, moulding processing, chemical industry, cement adjustment area and etc.

Applicable Materials:gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum, gypsum ore, waste gypsum, gypsum powder and etc.


Low investment cost

Intermittent working; suitable for customers who don't have large output capacity; 

Occupy less area and save space 

Integrated equipment configuration suitable for customers who have limited space. compact structure and good heat preservation effect.

low energy consumption 

With small equipment power and save energy; 

Flexible heat source option 

External heating system can apply coal, wood or electricity as fuel; 

Working Principle

intermittent indirect heating gypsum rotary kiln

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Project Case

Technical Parameters

Effective space Output capacity Power
(mm) (h/kg) (kw)
TDCW630 600*3000 100-200 2.2
TDCW820 800*2000 200-300 3
TDCW1230 1200*3000 300-500 4
TDCW1545 1500*4500 400-600 5.5
TDCW1845 1800*4500 800-1200 7.5
TDCW2250 2200*5000 1500-2000 11

Core Equipment

Applicable Materials

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