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Qm-1 coal gasifier

Qm-1 coal gasifier


Features: good heat transfer effect, simple structure, easy maintenance; high automatic level, less noise;
Composition: distilling stage and gasification stage; 

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Developing from and taking good advantage of dry-type ash disposal coal furnace, are new intelligent high-effect environment-friendly products put forward by our company, in which patent slag-removing revolving ash pan and automatically slag removing structure are use


Special pagoda-shaped heat-resistant iron grate, furnace wall always protected by slags, strong effect of slag breaking, slag loosing and ventilation, the concept abandoned that gas furnace is the same as pressure vessel basically, heating temperature auto-controlled

Operating principles:

continual coal gasifier uses 0 to 80mm pea coal as ideal fuel, which largely increases the gasification intensity, accelerates the reaction, improves the gasification rate of coal, and makes charcoal react with vapor to form combustive air such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen, so as to reach complete gasification and produce gas continually and steadily

Environment-friendly target: as was testified by Henan environment testing center, it has no smoke when the coal is burned and the discharge amount of both sulfur dioxide and soot complies with the GB9078-1996 environment-friendly standard

Safe and reliable:

Continual coal gasifier uses national invention patent technology, eliminating the hidden trouble of traditional coal gasifier's easy explosion

Not be restricted by coal sorts: continual coal gasifier can use varieties of smoke run coal such as original coal, powder coal and peal coal, or anthracite coal (peal coal whose powder less than 30% is ideal fuel)

Using a dedicated inflame:

The furnace is equipped with special ejected inflame according to different specification and different using condition,having the advantages of use flexible, burning sufficient, functioning stable, useful time prolonged, and more

Reducing labor intensity:

Traditional coal classifiers need poking the fire for over ten times to test the condition inside the furnace and prevent coking, which not only increases the labor intensity but also damages people's health

Continual coal classifier solved all these problems

Serviceable range:

Because the furnace has broadened coal sorts used and reduced producing cost, it is widely used in the environment-friendly and energy-saving technological renovation of gas-processing heating furnace, gas forging furnace, gas crucible furnace, gas mold furnace, grilled ladle gas furnace, sand resin heating gas regeneration, glass melting gas furnace, ceramic gas furnace, smoke exhausting refractory kiln and tunnel kiln, as well as the renovation of furnaces that burn coal or oil, kilns, and equipment that needs heat such as metallurgy, chemical industry, aluminum, fire-resistant materials, glass products and existing kiln, with very good effect

Working Principle

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Project Case

Technical Parameters

name  unit  specifcations 
diameter  mm 1600 1800 2000 2400 2600 3000 3200
cross section area  m2 2 2.54 3.14 4.52 5.31 7.07 8.04
height of fuel  mm 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
height of fire mm 100~300
height of ash layer mm 100~300
fuel available anthracite, bitumite and coke with no adhesion 
size of fuel mm 13~25 25~50
 fuel consumption  Kg/h 350~460 500~600 500~720 700~1040 850~1200 1700~2000 1800~2200
gasification agent   air and steam
gasification capacity Nm3/h 1200~1600 1500~2100 1750~2500 2500~3600 3000~4300 6000~7000 6500~7500
rotary speed of ash pan r/h 3.5 3.5 2.23 2 1.7 1.7 1.7
thermal value of coal gas  KJ/Nm3 5020~5670
temperature at outlet  400~550
pressure at outlet  Pa 980~1470 1470-1960
blast pressure  Pa <4000 <6000
saturation air temperature  50-65
working pressure of water jacket  Pa <100Kpa <294Kpa
pressure of fire detecting hole Pa <100Kpa <294Kpa
motor of driving motor  KW 4 5.5
motor of elevator's motor  KW 1.5 3
weight  T 12 15 19 24 28 42 45

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